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Chemistry for the real world: Nature-derived, performance-driven chemistries can solve your toughest industrial application challenges

Across industries, manufacturers are looking for smarter ways to formulate their products in order to improve performance and/or gain total cost efficiencies. For decades, we’ve been reliably selecting, modifying and reacting various nature-based chemistries to create specific, innovative solutions for our industrial customers. We draw on the whole Cargill portfolio of products and services to create solutions to help our customers increase performance, and lower costs – all in a responsible, sustainable manner.

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Tamini uses FR3™ fluid with TUK to achieve greater continuous load capacity in new autotransformer design

Read more in the Case Study

Cargill introduces breakthrough polyaspartic ester, uniquely combining quick cure time and longer pot life

Read more about the new Altor™ 205 Polyaspartic Ester


Innovative Plant-Based Products Promise A Greener Future For Manufacturing

MG官方客户端 Cargill, a longtime provider of food, agriculture, and industrial products and services, in recent decades has also become a leader in developing innovative, renewable and sustainable ways to help its customers adopt "green" principles and lower their carbon footprints.

GreenGov Case Study

Read a case study by George Washington University, in partnership with the White House Council on Environmental Equality, about how this biobased product line achieves high performance while reducing the asphalt industry's environmental impact.

Sleep Better With This Sustainable Soy-Based Innovation

BiOH® (pronounced “bio”) was developed by Cargill to replace petroleum-based polyols in materials like adhesives, binders and foams, by utilizing the chemical compounds from natural oils. A key result of this endeavor was reducing the environmental impact of producing an item with universal appeal, while improving its overall characteristics: mattresses.

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